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The Exotic Design | Studio

Welcome The Exotic Design Studio, We provide website design, website development, content managment sites, e-commerce sites, Internet marketing, and much more. Simple Website to Sophisticated Websites for Your Business or Personal, We will Design the WebSite you will Love.


Graphic Design 

We Create Engaging Designs that will work for your business

                        Design Concepts and Comps

                        Fully Realized Color Theory

                        Customized Corporate Branding

                        Detailed Site-Wide Graphics

                        Creative Typography

                        Top Quality Photography

                        Custom Icons & Themes

                        Integrated/Dynamic Backgrounds

                        Graphics are Optimized for Super-Fast Downloads

Your Site needs to Look Great and Run Fast!VectorApple

First Class Art Direction and Graphic Design can do Wonders for Your Image 

At The Exotic Design Studio, we incorporate a sophisticated process that incorporates the latest design theory.  The goal of our expert Graphic Team is to develop an engaging and professional design that is easy for your audience to use and understand. 



Mobile Computing is Here! The Web is in our Hands!

                        Mobile Browser Compatibility

                        SMS Communications

                        iPhone/Android Apps

                        Customized Mobile Content

                        Mobile Financial Transactions

                        SMS Marketing Campaign 

                        Mobile GPS Apps 

                        Twitter Campaignsiphone android

“The Web Has Gone Mobile. Are You There Yet?”

The Exotic Design Studio Clients can be found on your computer - or on your hand-held...

Another current technological milestone is the ubiquity of hand-held computing. If your site is not accessible via iPhone, Blackberry, Android/Google Phone, or any other "smart phone", you will lose an entire generation. Whether it's developing custom smartphone applications or simply assuring your site is fully navigable on all the major mobile web platforms, The Exotic Design Studio can help your organization.



The Exotic Design Studio Builds Winning E-tail Sites

Smart Carts that Drive Sales

                        Design Concept Phase

                        Robust Architecture

                        Flexible Designs 

                        Easy to Manage Easy to Navigateecommerce-web-design

                        Granular Reporting

                        Credit Card and PayPal Integration

                        Intelligent Features and Add-ons

                        Advanced Recommendation Engines that Boost Sales

                        Advanced Payment and Shipping systems

“The Exotic Design Studio eCommerce Solutions”retail-ecommerce-solution

The Goal is Simple: Make Money While You Sleep 

Economic statistics all point to one conclusion: The Age of eCommerce has arrived. Many of the barriers to success and the technological limitations have been wiped away. The Exotic Design Studio team has 15 years of experience developing and managing retail websites, and we will put that accumulated knowledge behind your enterprise. 

The Exotic Design Studio can build, deploy and maintain eCommerce systems that include a variety of Credit-Card systems and PayPal integration.


OpenSource Specialists 

OpenSource CMS Frameworks 









                        HWD Video Share

We Specialize in Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Prestashop, Magento and more... 

People are surprised to hear that some of the top sites on the Internet are built with Open source Technology and freely available CMS systems. The main website for the White House is built using Drupal.



We can help you Design and Deploy Effective Internet Marketing Campaigns

                        Google Ads & SEO

                        Marketing Campaign Design and Concept Phase

                        Marketing Strategies and Planning 

                        Email / Newsletter Campaigns online-marketing

                        Social Networking - Facebook/Myspace


                        Search engine Friendly

Marketing Services consist mainly around promoting your website or organization - for example: Special marketing campaigns; email campaigns, micro-sites, ad campaigns Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google Services; AdWords, AdSense Design & Development is all about designing and building your project - making your project: Engaging and Intuitive Functional &Robust Easy to Administer Expandable



We Help You Rise to the Top

                        Keyword Placement and Density

                        Clean Code / Optimal Navigation

                        Link Popularity Efforts

                        Pay-Per-Click Advertising

                        Monitoring Results/Analytics

                        RSS Newsfeeds and Syndication15

                        On-going SEO Maintenance

Social Networking

We can Help You Get Connected

                        Facebook Development

                        Twitter Feeds

                        Social Bookmarking

                        Custom Social Networks

                        Video Sharing Networks 

                        Connect to the Blogisphere 


                        Mobile Networks

The number one trend in Internet technology id the social network. Is there an application for user profiles and user-generated content? In many cases, the answer is yes.


Google Services 

                        AdSense / AdWords 

                        Google Analytics

                        Google Places

                        Picasa Galleries 

                        Google Maps 

                        Google Checkout 

                        Google Custom Search places


                        Google Translate


                        ...and other Google services.





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